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What Is Steemit?

Think of Steemit as a site like Hubpages or other revenue sharing websites. However, instead of earning fiat currency like USD, GBP, EUR, etc. , you earn SBD, short for Steem Dollars. Steem is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoinm but SBD are not worth nearly as much as Bitcoin, at least not yet.

Whatever you want to call it—blogging platform, social media blogging platforms, user-generated content site—the bottom line is you can post, like and share articles on Steem with your followers on the platform.

In Steemit's own words (description), they are a social media platform.

Activities You Can Do On Steemit

You can publish posts, and they don't have to be a certain length. You can like/upvote other people's posts and you can re-Steem them, which is basically sharing their posts with your own followers. That brings us to the next activity you can do; You can follow other users and they can follow you too. Commenting on posts and replying to comments is another thing.

In short, you can:

Post Like/Upvote Re-Steem Follow/Followers Comments

That's the gist of things. I could go into great details and provide you with tips, but I just wanted to sum up the basics of what you can do on Steemit.

How Do You Make Money On Steemit?

I'll try to sum it. Basically you earn when:

You receive votes on your posts, but not every vote carries the same weight. There's something called STEEM, which gives users voting power/weight.

The more Steem a user has, the more their vote is worth. This is a bit hard to explain, but you can find more information on Steemit's website.

You get likes/votes on your comments. If you leave a comment on a post and someone likes it, then you might make something. I say might because once again voting power factors in.

That is basically how you earn. Also, you earn both SBD and STEEM.

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