About dice


Lotobitcoin Dice-game is a betting sistem to doble your balances.

You have a winning change that will determinate your probability of winning. Less probability or change % (percent), will bring you more profit.

Lucky number is a random number between 1 and 100

You choose a winning change from 2 to 97, place a bet, and you will decide to bet in the next lucky number, higher or lower than your winnin change

For example:

If you choose to use a winning change of 30%, you got two options. To bet that the next lucky number will be higher than 70 or lower than 30.

In dice-game you got this two counters to help you to keep control of the game.

Everytime you lose or win, it will count it for you. So make a prediction about the next lucky number depending on how much you lose or win. Find the best strategy and doble your earnings.

You can also program your bets by using the Autobet-sistem

Choose a Base bet to start betting from, Roll direction (Hi,Low,Alternative), number of rolls to play in a round and what to do on lose or Winning case.