About faucet


Lotobitcoin faucet is a freecoin station. You can come claim a free Reward every 30 minutes. You get this reward directly to your balance in the currency of your choice + 1 free lottery ticket for the Weekly Lottery.

You can use this balance to invest in lotobitcoin in many areas like the dice-game, or purchasing tickets for weekly lottery to incresse your winning chance.

A faucet site always provide a little amount of crypto per time. The real way to earn is from the Referral Sistem.

Lotobitcoin Referral Sistem

Earn the 25% lifetime comission from the users you invite, , using your referral link, to join Lotobitcoin.com.

You will receive 25% of faucet Reward Claims from this users.
Also you will get a little comission for each visit through your referral link to Lotobitcoin.com.

For explample: If someone access to your referral link like this "Lotobitcoin.com/?ref=16"
That "ref=16", will receive a comission for that unique visit.

By sharing your referral link in websites,social media, etc.

Here we show you a rebust guide to get referrals from Autotraffic Webistes.