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January 16, 2017 ♣

- Faucet Dice Game is back Again! Claim up to 10.000 satoshis - Deposit and withdraw available. - Minimum deposit 10.0000 satoshis and withdraw 50k. Doble your bitcoins and keep having fun!

December 27, 2016 ♣ Upgrading Lotobitcoin!!

-Withdrawl temporally disable untill 30 of december!

December 24, 2016 ♣ Minimum Withdraw 20.000 Satoshis Again!

December 13, 2016 ♣ Dice Game Disable!

We have disable the dice game and we gonna migrade all the address that have more than 5000 satoshis balance to the new Faucet.. Lotobitcoin team will be working bravely for the new game of a weekly Jackpot profitable for everyone! In the next 10 days we will improve the Jackpots in the system and open the register accound section, so you can be part of the Jackpot!

October 31,2016 ♣ Faucetbox faucet dice Game!

Already working dice game to multiply your faucet proffit.
Claiming 150 satoshis to recharge your Wallet and use "LO" "HI" probalility game to earn more or just wait to the next hour to claim again... We are working with the FaucetBox API and we send the payment instantly with minimum 5500 Satoshis (0.00005 btc) to your faucetbox accound the first week. Next week 06/10/2016 the minimum for withdrawal will be 13.000 satoshis (0.00013 btc) wich is the minimum to withdraw from the faucetbox accound. Doing this, your payment will be automatically in your wallet if you set that minimum into your faucetbox....