Become a Promoter!


How to become a promoter?

To be Promoter a is just required 2000 visits to your referral link (URL) in the last 30 days.

Its all automarically, just share and watch your Promoter Dashboard to know how many visit/views left you need. You will start receiving your daily payments once you become a promoter.
Also you can ascend to diffent promoter lvls, depending on the amount of visits/views that you bring, so more views you have, will increasse your earings.

How to get 2000 visit/views?

You can have 2000 daily views starting today, using Autotraffic Exchanges is Free and easy.

Here we show you the most Robust Autotraffic guide to start receiving visitors in less than 10 minutes.

Go to watch the Guide

You also find visits by posting your refer URL or the referral material we offert.

How much can i earn?

You will get paid for each valid view.
A valid view is a unique IP visiting our site, from the referral or promoter URL.
We count the unique IP once in a day. Thats mean, you get paid for a unique visitor, once every 24 hours.

Earn per each view depending on your promoter lvl.

Lvl Bonus Paid per view
Beginner 0.4 satoshi
Amateur +25% 0.6 satoshi
Expert +50% 0.8 satoshi
Professional +75% 1 satoshi

Views :
BTC paid in satoshis:

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