Autotraffic Guide!


In this guide you will learn to use an autotraffic to get visitors today.
Get a lot of views and Referrals

What is a Autotraffic Exchange webiste?

Autotraffic are websites where you can exchange free user traffric, by just using a simple program that will load websites for 10 to 40 seconds. More minutes you run the program, will bring you free traffic to your Referral link you register.

Here you got the best list of Autotraffic Exchanges you can use and an average of how many views you can get with each:

# Website name Visit you get per/day Guide
1 RankBoostup 500 to 1000 views Read Guide
2 Hitleap 400 to 850 views Read Guide
3 Panel.9hits 350 to 600 views Read Guide
4 10khits 300 to 600 views Read Guide
5 247autohits 300 to 600 views Read Guide
6 Hit4hit 100 to 200 views Read Guide

With this guide if your running all the autotraffic sites, you can get an average of 2000 daily views to your referral link! and become a promoter!

Even in just a few days you can even ascent to a higher promoter lvl to earn more!

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